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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A sick bug. =(

I must take care of our Leebug. Poor little dude has been sick with a sinus infection. His little nose is stuffed up, and he has been running a little fever.

Have no fear! Mom is here! I can make any hunger pain or owwie disappear, I am full of lots of kisses and hugs, I shall send away this stupid cold bug!

Sooo I did what any parent would do, freaked out and called the dr and demanded to be seen. Yup, I did it just like that. Its our first major sickness since the NICU, but I handled it like a champ. I already knew what to do anyway. The salie, sucking his nose, making his feedings smaller and more frequently, and then is getting better. Oh and I guess the antibiotics is helping too. Pssssh. Moms way better.

He's doing well now. He's still super clingy and just wants me....but I don't mind one bit.

Oh and he weighs 15lbs and 5oz. BIG BOY!

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