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Thursday, May 24, 2012

9 Months In, 9 Month's Out

Liam has made quite a journey. He has officially been on the outside, as long as he's been on the inside. You might want to get technical with us...because he was inside of me for 42 weeks..but let's just go with 9 months in and out. It works better for our fragile brains.

Liam is fantastic, a spitfire of a little boy. Ooooh that boy has some personality. He yells an awful lot, when he doesn't like something your poor ears will know. He also resorts to hitting and scratching in times of excitement or anger. That, we have to work on.

Hmm. Tricks. Liam does a lot of tricks! He started saying "uh Oh", and he says, "What" too. If you ask him to say Ma Ma, he looks at you and smiles and in the exact tone repeats "DA DA!" It's hilarious...for a little while. But I really just want him to say Ma Ma again! He only does it when he's upset, and I hear that's quite common for babies!

He is cruising along furniture. He can stand for 10 to 20 seconds by himself. He thinks that everything is his and even with an entire living room full of toys, he loves electronics and small things the best. Being outside is a Godsend, and the pool - oh water is Liam's best friend!

We are headed back to PT and OT, his neurologist thinks that it would be best to help with the weakness on his right side. So we're not too thrilled to be jumping back into that, but we will do anything for Liam. He will love it, he loves the teachers at LIFE and he loves the attention. Oh..boy..does he love the attention. :)

What's up next for us? Well, we will be enjoying Liam's first summer and start to plan his first birthday bash. Which I am soooo excited to start planning for him. I really want to celebrate his first year of life giving what a miracle he is and all it took to get here. :)

Until next time...

That's the Life of a Leebug.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

9 Months Old!!!

Okay, so I haven't posted here lately. But life has been crazy!!!!

After chasing after a crawling baby who thinks he knows more than I do, a wedding, moving, a tv show and all the normal parenting quirks in between...I have failed my duties as a blogger to update everyone on my son.

But, no one's been haunting me about it! No one has requested information!!

I will give a full update after his appointments on the 23rd, but Liam is doing fantastic. He does all sorts of tricks. He raises the roof, claps his hands, knows here his ears and eyes are. He says "What", "Dad", some version of "No", and is just the seriously brightest thing ever.

I just took a picture of him, and posted it next to his first picture ever. I will post it, but before I do...OMG. I am the parent of a nine month old. This is his last month before we head to double digits, then close out the year with his first birthday. I am in shock, and have so much to say, but he's sick right now and whining pathetically next to me.

SO. I must tend to my motherly duties.


Crazy, how fast they grow? 12 pounds heavier, ten inches taller and a whole lot stronger. <3