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Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Liam has teef! Two bottoms to be exact. They first made their initial appearance last week. But after a few really high fevers and sleepless night (only 3) those sharpies have taken it upon themselves to show ( and hurt my fingers!). I'm excited for the next step in Liam growing, but I will miss those toothless smiles that have melted my heart for the past 6 months.

Liam also can sit by himself now. He tries so hard to crawl, but his legs haven't gotten the memo. So hell lean forward to crawl, and ends up on the floor flipping over and over off of his blankets, then gets angry and yells.

We also took him swimming for the first time over the weekend. I will post pictures soon!

And that's about it, in the Life of a Leebug.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

6 Months Old! And other adventures.

Firstr off, I must say I cannot believe that my son is 6 months old. And what a sweet boy he is!! Part of me wants my somewhat itty bitty baby back, but the other part of me absolutely loves how much of a little boy he is that I am getting to learn with and know. I'm torn with this whole growing business. He does keep me busy these days! I can never sit down and write anymore, because he always wants to do something! Whether it be playing on the mat, on top of Mommy or Daddy, or being sung to sleep...he needs me so much that I can never blog!

I apologize that it has taken so long to post on here. Life has been nonstop for quite some time, and you'd think by having a blogging App on my phone that this whole thing would be easier, but its not.

Liam has had quite a busy month! Like really! He visited the east coast last week, and then the day after getting back, drove to the west coast. He got to see his Grandpa again after 5 months, and meet some family members he hasn't met yet. Then, he enjoyed sight seeing in California, as well as going to Disneyland!

Liam is quite the traveler. No really, all in a matter of a week he had his first plane ride, first snow, first ocean, first trip to Disneyland, and first cold! He was in some major pieces of History in the US! Those including The Queen Mary, Hollywood, and the Santa Monica Pier. He even got to see a Seal for the first time at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, CA!

I'm including some pictures for ya'll. His 6 month stats are pretty cool. Lets see, he weighs 18lbs 14oz, his 29 inches tall, his favorite veggies are Sweet Potatoes and Squash, and he is obsessed with Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal like its baby crack. He is growing so much and is learning how to express his emotions..which means when hes unhappy - he yells a lot. But he is also developing such an amazing and awesome personality that I cannot wait to see unfurl!!

Below, is Liam on the Queen Mary, looking out of the ship's window.

Here is Liam ordering lunch aboard the King's Den on the Queen Mary.

Liam is high chair status officially. 

Liam and Kyler, really excited to be going to Disneyland!

Trying on Bunny Ears for Easter. Liam didn't like them. 

This is Liam in front of the Disneyland Entrance!

Liam aboard his first Disneyland ride, The Jungle Cruise!

Silly baby tried to take off his hat and glasses!

Liam is at the Aquarium of the Pacific. Behind us is  Pacific Ocean Sea Bass. The fish was bigger than Liam!

Liam and Mommy in front of a San Diego Ferry at Long Beach, Ca. 

This is Liam's first time touching the sand. At the Santa Monica Pier!

Giving us a thumbs down with a sad face. For the record, 6 month old Liam does NOT like the ocean or the sand that comes with it. Are you sure hes my child?

Trying to take off his sunglasses. 

Not succeeding at taking off his glasses nor getting out of sand. 

Liam's name in the sand, and below, Mommy, Daddy and Liam!

Enjoy the pictures!!