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Friday, August 10, 2012

I realize I haven't been posting as many updates about Liam.

But do you know what it's like to chase after a toddler? He's exhausting.

Well, we are about a week and two days away from his first birthday. He is learning new things everyday, and continuing to beat any odds that were once against him. Yesterday, with me being sick, he learned how to blow his nose, or copy it at least. My mom taught him a weird dance move where he thrusts himself forward. It's slightly awkward...but cute.

I let him watch TV for the first time ever, not that he was incredibly interested in it in the first place. But he watched Yo Gabba Gabba and fell in love with it. He doesn't watch it for too long, just a few minutes here and there and then stops to dance with a song.

Oh, and good news, we got the approval from DDD (Dept of Developmental Disabilities) and we are going to start the rigorous therapy again! I'm excited for speech therapy the most probably. I always fear that the weakness on his right side is going to affect his mouth. Because that's not something I can necessarily see.

He's trying new foods, learning new ways to say words (although he never says them quite right) and hitting skills left and right. Within the past week he learned how to toss a ball. Not the over the ear throw, but the under throw. It's really cool, he will just chase the ball around the house!

He weighs about 23-24lbs now but is slimming down thanks to learning how to run. We're still dealing with him falling a lot, especially when his muscles are weak and he's tired, but we taught him to not cry when he falls and to clap his hands or do the sign for safe. This way we know, when he really gets hurt, he will actually cry. Someone actually told me I was wrong for doing that, teaching him at such a young age that he should not cry every time he gets hurt. (Some wacko woman on a board...something about teaching him not to feel anything) But she's crazy, and we kind of had to teach him that with how much he falls. I mean, if we didn't he'd be crying every 20 minutes.

And I can't stand crying or whining when it's not real, and Liam's also learned that. We need to nip that in the butt ASAP!

Well, I apologize for the lack of updates and I hope I can get better at it. But we have a first birthday coming up, and a really busy week!

And that, is the life of a leebug.