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Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Liam has teef! Two bottoms to be exact. They first made their initial appearance last week. But after a few really high fevers and sleepless night (only 3) those sharpies have taken it upon themselves to show ( and hurt my fingers!). I'm excited for the next step in Liam growing, but I will miss those toothless smiles that have melted my heart for the past 6 months.

Liam also can sit by himself now. He tries so hard to crawl, but his legs haven't gotten the memo. So hell lean forward to crawl, and ends up on the floor flipping over and over off of his blankets, then gets angry and yells.

We also took him swimming for the first time over the weekend. I will post pictures soon!

And that's about it, in the Life of a Leebug.

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