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Thursday, November 10, 2011

12 Weeks Old

So, I spent like an hour the other night writing a post but it never showed up. It was talking about finger painting for the first time making David his first daddy birthday card. And Halloween with our bffs Ash and Kai, and then Uncle Mark, Aunt Becky, and Cohen. I also wrote about our trip to the park too!

But since I'm kind of exhausted, I'm pretty much just going to leave it at that and let the pictures speak for themselves, it was messy! (The painting)

This week, Liam's hit a few more milestones. He has rolled over, he yells, he brings toys to his mouth when he wants, and has gotten a little more happier about tummy time thanks to BIG RED. Big Red is an exercise ball that I lie him on top and kind of let gravity do the work. He hardly notices it, but he gets a huge workout of the low tone on his left side while hes on top.

He loves to chat with mommy, sing, and listen to me read books to him. Tonight, we're reading Trouble With Grownups, a Berenstein Bears book. He's fascinated by the pictures, really.

Liam's kind of starting his 3 month growth spurt. He's sleeping less, eating more, crying randomly like he's in pain, and keeping me up all night. I've been spoiled, the kid slept through the night since 5 weeks, so at 12 weeks I'm a little flustered about the no sleep thing.

It's okay though, he's totally worth it.

I don't have any stats right now for him. I plan on weighing him sometime soon, and taking his measurements - but the kid doesn't stay still! We don't really have anything major coming up with him either, just another week full of physical therapy, and growing!

And that's the Life of a Leebug. <3

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