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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Cranberries, raspberries...same difference.

Liam is blowing raspberries. When he is awake and alert, his little lips purse together and he blows them! Its the cutest thing to watch. He is such a sweet boy, doing so well in physical and occupational therapy too. He flirts with those wonderful ladies every chance he gets! They help me out too, cause by the time they're done I have a very tired and usually sleepy baby on my hands.

Yesterday, I bought a bug mobile from Ikea for five dollars that he adores. I hung it above the changing table and he sits there and talks to the bugs while I'm changing him. It was honestly one of the best investments I've made! The kid isn't entertained by the $3O crib mobile, the $80 activity center, or the $150 swing. Yet he is amazed by a $5 mobile...

Lesson Learned Liam! Thanks. =)

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