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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Giggles and Girlfriends

Daddy was able to make Liam laugh wholeheartedly today, it was cute. He pulls on his tiny arms and Liam just cracks up.

Right now he's resting in my arms after a small infant massage, and were getting ready for bed. It breaks my heart that he's getting so big, and won't stay in my arms longer. But I'm sure it'd break my heart even more if he wasn't growing bigger!

Saturday, Liam was able to go see penguins at Tempe Marketplace, and hang out with his girlfriend Addie. He had a blast! His cousin Cohen also has a girlfriend named Addalynn, so this will be cute! Saturday night he saw Cohen, then again on Monday for a playdate. Of course Liam slept. He tends to poop out of parties!

Well, time for bed for us!

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