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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Liam's First Christmas!

The day was pretty uneventful. David and I both had to work so Liam got to spend time with his cousin Cohen! And Aunt Becky and Uncle Markie. He had a blast! He was so tired he slept pretty much all night.

When I came home it was time to open the presents. Liam already had opened most of his presents from Aunt Ashley and everyone else. But he had presents from Santa and Aunt Dana and Grandpa Danny left that he hadn't opened. (The ones wrapped).

We sat him down in my lap and handed him some. He was way more interested in the paper unless the toy lit up or sang. He pretty much stroked every box and tried to eat it. It was quite the sight to see! In the end, he was so tired he passed out for three hours. Which I was completely okay with, I had blogging to do and other stuff.

Well, that's about as much as an update as I have time for. Liam is up and angry, and yelling at me to pick him up so we can finished eating and go to bed.

Night Ya'll.


Liam is rocking Dad's shades...above. 
And Below he is obsessed with this toy from the Essarys! 

Below, still obsessed. 

I tried to steal some love...but he didn't get the memo. 

Above: Cousin Cohen and Liam! 
Below, Everyone
(David, liam, Lacey, Mark, Becky, Cohen, Carol, Wyatt)

Above: Liam and Cohen. 
Below: The insane amount of presents under our tree. 

  Opening his first present! 

He cared more about the wrapping paper...seriously. 

Below: "BUT MOM..WAITTT..": 

We gave him all the wrapping paper in the world. He wasn't too thrilled after that sensory overload.. 

:Below: A picture of the aftermath. 

Above we have a very angry child, minutes before bedtime.

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