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Wednesday, July 11, 2012


My baby is officially a toddler.
He toddles.
He walks, he climbs, he beats odds every minute of the day.

I am constantly amazed by him and the things he does. I have been slacking on his massages 3 times a day, and only do it twice, and sometimes once, and even then he does well. It's a lot for me to handle when I have a busy day, and he won't sit down anymore for his massages. At night it's easier, because he'll drink a bottle, but in the morning he's so excited to be awake and stuff - he just runs around.

But if I don't massage or stretch him, he has a bad muscle day. He will walk funny, fall constantly, and just have a few issues. The day's I do them, he walks almost perfect.

We had an appt with a neurosurgeon the other day, and since his brain is growing with his skull, and we won't do another MRI for another 7 months, we do not feel the need to put him in a helmet. His neurologist doesn't even want to see him until October, which is great. We just will keep doing what we are doing!

His referral for DDD for OT/PT and speech has yet to go through. Normally, I'd be picky and pushy and make it got through asap, but we're NYC bound next week and so until we're back, I don't mind. He is also getting a swallow study when he gets back. We are going to be investigating further his swallowing since he spits things out and chokes a lot. It's scary when he eats! But I'm hoping with speech therapy things will be easier for him. And when things are easier for Liam, it's easier for me too.

His referral for DDD takes a burden off of my shoulders. It means that we no longer pay out of pocket for his therapies, which is great considering we never have that money. It's bad enough that we have to pay so much for all the other medical things, but it's definitely a relief for everything else to be handled!

I am grateful that we have state programs for children with special needs. Because a year ago I never forsaw us needing one. It's funny, how much can change in a year. Imagine where we will be next year?

I get this image of Liam flying at that point, but it could very well go the other way too. But, prayers and positive thoughts will help us!

And that is the life of a leebug, wish us luck for our cross country trip!

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