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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Busy Life

Life has been busy with a ten month old. We're overwhelmed by the time and energy this crazy boy takes!!!

Liam is doing amazing. he started to walk recently, and he does this cute shuffle like crazy across the floor, and has a personality that is just the sweetest and most ornery...ever.

Let's see..his tricks. He blows kisses, he knows where his head is, he loves to feed the dog. He knows how to fill up a cup of water, adores playing the piano, and will dance to absolutely any kind of beat. He hasn't bee sleeping well but makes up for it with his little quirks and the silly things he does.

He is going back into therapy for some weakness we're seeing. But besides an appt with a neurosurgeon to look at the shape of his head, and the eye doctor, he's doctor free for a month! Unless his ear infection doesn't clear up. (Which 3 medications have yet been able to get rid of it so far).  We're looking forward to taking Liam back home to see family and enjoy a week of his first summer!

He is 22lbs and 30 inches tall. With four teeth and a gorgeous smile!!

I can't believe he's going to be eleven months old soon. My heart is swelling with joy for this little boy! Tonight, I worked on his birthday invitations and I am excited!!! His first birthday is going to be a hard and long day for us, but the biggest milestone for all three of us!

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