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Saturday, July 28, 2012

11 Months Old!

Liam sure has been busy! This little guy has managed to swim in both the Atlantic and the Pacific ocean within six months. I think that's pretty cool. He also swam in Indian Lake, crawled in front of where George Washington once lived, and touched a dinosaur bone at the American Museum of Natural History. This kid isn't even a year old, and has already done and seen so much.

Stat wise he is still 30 inches, his head is about 20in around, and he weighs 23lbs. He is eating more people food, less formula and we are slowly introducing almond milk to him.

He is doing amazing. Toddling around, walking and communicating more effectively with us. He now points, and learned to say the "Guh" sound. He also says "Duh Duh" for dog, "At" for cat, and thank you. We haven't gotten him yet to get better with his fine motor skills, but I'm so thrilled with all of the changes he's making and all of the wondrous growing he's been doing...that I'm ecstatic. He also, cut his fifth tooth!

We are though, on our fifth ear infection. So next week we are off to the Ears Nose and Throat Pediatric Specialist to decide the route for the ear tubes. His ears aren't draining properly and my poor child has had so many ear infections, it is unbelievable. This current one he is fighting is from May! Yes, May. 5 rounds of antibiotics with 10 days each of them...and my poor needs to be pumped full of probiotics.

I haven't heard back yet about the DDD referral. So he hasn't started his speech or OT or PT yet. But he will soon. I'm thinking about putting him in ISR swim lessons, to teach him how to float and breathe in water in the event that he was to fall in. I want him to be prepared, as well as myself. I'm hoping if we can get him in for the swim lessons it'll help him on his bad muscle days.

We have three weeks until his first birthday! I'd started preparing and am sending out his invitations on Monday! I handmade them and they are super cute!

Until next time, when I can get a picture update. (When I pick them up from Walmart)... that is the life of a Leebug.

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