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Thursday, January 19, 2012

5 Months Old! (With pics)

Today, the bug is 5 months old.

He is currently sitting behind me playing with one of his favorite toys, a car simulation thingy that sings to him. He's obsessed with the freaking thing. Liam is a pretty happy baby, unless he is stuck lying down or on his tummy. He loves sitting up, and while he can still sit up by himself for like 10 seconds, he falls. Or, he will tripod himself (its quite funny to watch and see) and kind of try to sit like that for awhile.

God forbid the child has to lie down, he goes crazy. He has great abs that allow him to pull himself halfway up, but he can't quite figure out how to get his lower half to cooperate just yet.


Liam now eats cereal twice a day, and two ounces of pear juice. (Per ped)
He is fully formula fed.
He scoots when he wants a toy.
He can roll over from side to side.
When he is angry, he says Mom.
Okay, it's more like "MOMOMOMOMOMOMMMMM"
He can also sit himself up...sometimes...and if he really wants to.

He is approx 27 inches long and 18lbs. I say approx because my measurements are nothing near the drs normally.

Enjoy some pictures from his 5 month photo shoot!!

Please only repost pictures with permission from me, unless you are family.

Thanks! And that is the Life of a Leebug.


Til the next milestone..


  1. I cant believe he is 5 months already i member like it was yesterday that dani posted your maternity pics... they grow so fast and he is so big and so adorable!!! congrats to you both your doing an awesome job!!!!

  2. Thank You! He is growing so fast, its crazy!