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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

8 weeks old! (2 months old)

Liam is now 8 weeks old! He is getting bigger and bigger everyday. He now has outgrown anything newborn sized, and I had to begin the process of putting all of those clothes away. Some of them, he barely even wore! Or never did! (Let's not get into logistics of WHY)

He is wearing 0 to 3, but depending on the maker of the clothing, it fits him funny. He's not chubby, just long and skinny. So unless something is 8 inches wide and 25 inches long, my poor kid looks like a ragamuffin.

Last night, we graduated into size 2 diapers. I don't know if were friends with them just yet. I honestly, feel that size 2 Huggies leak too much. But who knows if its user error or not. (David vs me..haha)

Liam got to go to Africa the other day! Well, sort of. Although he wasn't an active participant, he was within 5 feet of two giant Grizzly bears, 6 feet of 5 Tigers, and next to the most rainbow colored parrot. We saw and fed Prarie Dogs, and then as a souvenir we bought him flash cards of the animals!

He's starting to reach now. If he wants to be picked up, his little arms kind of jerk upwards. Its the cutest thing. I can't wait for him to get bigger and explore the world. But for now, he can be my little boy!

That's all in the life of a leebug. He has no stats since his appt is next week. =)

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