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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Super Baby!!

We have a super baby on our hands! Liam was given the clear from cardiology today. His enlarged PDA is now, closed! His heart looked fantastic on the EKG and Ultrasound. I should know, I got to see it myself.

He is currently 18lbs 15 oz, 28 inches tall, and is in the 90th percentile, for everything. Well, inbetween 90th and 99th.

He has learned to say "Mom", and claps his hands for almost anything. If he's really happy he claps his hands, if you tell him to "clap hands" he will clap. Then if you're trying to reprimand him from doing something, such as pulling our poor cat's hair...he claps his hands. So, it goes either way, but its cute!

He is getting over his first ear infection, and with that, yeast infection. (TMI, sorry). He is getting down the fundamentals of crawling and even slept in his crib two nights this week!

Liam is growing fantastically, and we are only days away from his seventh month birthday. Only five more months until the big ONE. Golly Jeez, I have a love/hate relationship with August this year.

Sooo, until our next adventure. Here's the little BOOGER trying to attack the camera.

That's The Life of a Leebug. :)

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