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Monday, September 19, 2011

One Month Checkup!

Liam is a month old, officially. Its so weird to think a month has gone by. Probably because I feel absolutely cheated out of his first twelve days. But I'm more than happy that he's home now!

He currently weighs 10lbs 13oz, and is 22 and 3/4s of an inch long. His head circumference is in the 98th percentile at 15.50inches. He is growing so well! And he is ahead on the development scale, smiling and cooing already! So Dr. Lipp (his ped.) Is not concerned too much about him neurologically. He's so smart it kills me!

He got a shot today, didn't even cry, and practically only whined for a second because he was starved. So since he was such a good boy, we took him to Native New Yorker to see his favorite waitress. He did so well!!

Tomorrow he has a neurology appointment at PCH, followed by physical therapy (which he hates and wishes he could pee on the stupid ladies pulling him out of his pretzel like state.) So Liam will be very busy this week, we also hope his cousin (whose name I cannot disclose) will arrive soon! Aside from that, he has a date with a lovely little lady named Lilly. =)

And that, is the life of a Leebug.

Oh and the picture, was taken this morning while I was reading a book to him. He currently loves the Berenstein Bears series. (Very colorful)

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